truview viewer

stereoscopic viewerTru View Viewer with Filmstrips

Tru Vue Viewer Set with 6 Stereoscopic Filmstrips c.1949, this is a cool Tru Vue Viewer with 6 stereoscopic filmstrips, the films are the breathtaking “Around the World” Tru-Vue Films numbered 1 through 6, catalog numbers are 1504, 1505, 1506, 1539, 1540, 1541. The Viewer is in good condition, it has a hairline crack on one side that does not effect the form or function of the viewer. We viewed several of the films and were amazed at the images on these films. This nice collectors set includes the Tru-Vue Viewer, 6 stereoscopic filmstrips, and original box (Tru Vue Library Case). The box is in fair condition, the lid has detached and has some tape on one end. Purchase Here

Lobby Card

Old Lobby Card from the 1953 film Louisiana Territory

Lobby Card


Original lobby card from the film Louisiana Territory which was released in 1953. This lobby card was sent to theaters to be displayed in the lobby to promote the film. The lobby card is used, sold as a collectible, as is, as shown. Measures 11 x 14 inches approximately. Numbered 53 out of 575 by RKO Radio Pictures.

8mm film movie camera

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Film Projector

Sears Film Projector Plays 8mm and Super 8

This Vintage 1960s Sears Film Projector is built well and is in good age specific condition. This projector accepts both 8mm and Super 8 films. We hand threaded the projector, played and rewound several minutes of 8mm and Super 8 film. The projector is used, sold as a collectible, as is, as shown.

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Film Projector


Video Demo of this Projector:

Du All Eight 8mm Film Demo

Du All Eight Super 8 Film Demo