Vintage Rescue Service

Vintage Rescue Service by Retro Vintage Bazaar

Vintage Rescue

If you are located in the central Florida area and have old, vintage, or antique items you are discarding – please contact us for our free pick up service. It may sound funny (like hey give my your old stuff ) but we come in contact with people on a weekly basis that mention they “just threw one of those away” when discussing vintage or antiques, or they recently inherited a large estate or their uncles closet and do not have time for the smaller stuff and do not want to be bothered piecing it out so they just toss it. Please contact Retro Vintage Bazaar, we will respond promptly and arrange a quick vintage pick up. Phone us now, we will re-purpose and redistribute your old vintage goods for continued use and appreciation.

Vintage Rescue Service Contact Info:


Central Florida Phone 386-873-1147

2 Thoughts on “Vintage Rescue Service

  1. Char & Terry on May 25, 2013 at 1:43 pm said:

    Hi. Just wanted to say how neat your site is…did you set this all up through and with WordPress? Your site is so cool. Really inspired me to continue building my hubby & my Country Pickers business.
    Is your site keeping you quite busy? Do you get many calls on the vintage rescue part of it?
    Anyhow, i’m gonna show my husband your site too. Just wanted to compliment your creativeness.
    Happy pickins!
    Char & Terry

  2. admin on May 26, 2013 at 8:21 pm said:

    Hi Char and Jerry
    it is a wordpress site and we receive good daily traffic as well as inquiries from the rescue page. Good Luck with your project and let us know when it is up and running so we can give you a visit.

    keep on…..pickin and grinnin ♪ ♫

    here is another cool vintage and antique on line shop we like: Daytona Vintage Market

    Thanks and Regards,

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