Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021
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A humor and general interest magazine published from 1883 to 1936. Time founder Henry Luce bought the magazine in 1936 solely so that he could acquire the rights to its name.

The original Life magazine provided a glimpse of Society, Literature, Politics and Drama, combined with humor and exceptional illustrations. The two page centerfolds are prized for their decorative value, each issue includes advertisements.

The famous illustrator, Charles Dana Gibson was associated with this magazine from very early in his career until the demise of the magazine in the early 1930s. Life was the very first customer for Gibson’s drawings. The more recent Life Magazine published by Time Inc. did not begin publication until 1936.

Original, Antique Print Booklet from 1883 (127 years old)
Printed and distributed January 4 1883. Volume 1 Number 1.
A fantastic find with superbly detailed graphics.
Produced by J.A . Mitchell and Edward S. Martin
Really unique 12 page booklet with old ads, little stories,cartoons, and more.
Measures: 4 1/2 ” by 3 1/2″
In excellent condition, no tears, one bend mark on front cover.
Some browning of pages and very slight rust marks left by the staples at the spine.

Sold – Thank You

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17 thoughts on “Antique Original Life Booklet 1883”
  1. I have this exact copy of the Jan 4 issue 1 Life Booklet. It is in great condition other than browning caused by age and a bit of rust on the staples. I am curious to know if it has any value.

  2. I have an original copy of this antique LIFE booklet and would be very curious to know what the value is. Would you please be kind enough to share the sale price with me?

    Your website is superb and I’m grateful for your time.


  3. I have the same booklet.I am also interested in having it appraised. Could you please help me out with more information and also estimate on what it may be worth.

  4. traded an old set of patio furniture for this cabinet while we were still in Colorado. I loved this piece and knew it could be really cute with a few changes.

  5. We also have an original copy of Number 1, January 4, 1883. We’re interested in any information yu may have regarding this issue.
    Ross & Glynda Lee

  6. I have an original copy of the January 4, 1883, Vol. 1, Number 1 LIFE magazine – purchased for $10 many years ago. It is in relatively excellent condition – save the creases and is glued to a 2 page (front and back) folded letter regarding pricing and subscriptions and the virtues of the magazine and how it is a newer, better version of the old Life. It is signed by John L. Hallenbeck, Circulation Direction. Would you be interested in purchasing this from me?

  7. we would but understand we would buy it to resell it

    you can email what you would like for it to

    thanks for the visit and the interest


  8. this booklet was actually an advertisement published in 1959 when the company reduced the price to 19cents. It came attached to a letter from the publisher soliciting subscriptions.
    I have a copy still attached to the subscriber letter in excellent condition

  9. I have the original life booklet it is about 3 x 4 inches and in excellent condition. I am interested in selling it, but would like to know what it is worth. Can you give me an estimate? thank you

  10. Hi, Carole – thanks for visiting our Bazaar.
    We sold ours for around $25

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