Singer Sewing Machine Vintage 1924

Antique Singer Sewing Machine in Coffin Case Vintage 1924

This collectible singer sewing machine is in good condition, includes the coffin case and knee bar. The serial number is AA149071, the sewing motor sn is 2369011. The machine powers on and the spindle on the motor spins, however the belt is slipping due to age (we are guessing). The main wheel turns by hand freely making the needle reciprocate, no further testing was performed. The cabinet is in good age specific condition with no major blemishes. Included: antique sewing machine, coffin case and knee bar. This swinging singer sewing machine is used, sold as a collectible and sold as is. According to the Singer Site this machine was manufactured in 1924 (Singer Two Letter Prefix Serial Numbers –  AA-000.001 to AA-188.650 1924 AA to AT – Elizabeth, New Jersey USA)

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Antique Bendix Aviation Tube Radio

Bendix Aviation Corp Model 753MX AM Clock Radio

This Awesome Antique Bendix Aviation Corporation Vacuum Tube Clock Radio Model 753MX was made in Baltimore, Maryland in the early 50s, maybe around 1953. The cabinet is solid wood and measures approx 10 1/2 x 8 3/4 x 6 1/4 inches. The 2 time set knobs are missing and the back cover has a small section missing. The clock seems to work with second hand turning for the ten minutes we had it plugged in. We were able to tune in a few AM stations after the set warmed up and they sounded pretty good. This Cool Old Radio is in good condition with some minor physical wear. Sold as a Collectible and sold as is. The faceplate for this radio has an interesting Retro Design, has the on off switch in the back along with a “receptacle for appliance”. Sticker on back reads Chassis C-19, Model 753M, Serial No 10740. On the bottom is a faded tube and wiring schematic, warranty info and some specs. Purchase Here

What is a Vacuum Tube?

A vacuum tube, electron tube, valve tube, or thermionic valve is used to amplify, switch, modify, or create an electrical signal by controlling the movement of electrons  in a low-pressure space. Some special function vacuum tubes are filled with low-pressure gas: these are typically called soft tubes, distinct from the hard vacuum type tubes which have the internal gas pressure reduced as far as possible. Almost all tubes depend on the thermionic emission of electrons.

Who is the Bendix Aviation Corporation?

The history of the Bendix name runs parallel to the development of King Radio until the mid-1980s, when the Allied Corporation purchased Bendix Aviation and King Radio and combined the two to create the now-renowned Bendix/King brand of avionics. In late 1985, the Allied Corporation merged with the Signal Companies to become Allied-Signal. The name was further modified to Allied Signal in 1993 to reinforce a one-company image and signify the full integration of its business. During the 1960s the Bendix Aviation Corporation changed its name back to The Bendix Corporation to reflect its growth into a creative engineering and manufacturing organization engaged in many products and fields.