Lobby Card

Old Lobby Card from the 1953 film Louisiana Territory

Lobby Card


Original lobby card from the film Louisiana Territory which was released in 1953. This lobby card was sent to theaters to be displayed in the lobby to promote the film. The lobby card is used, sold as a collectible, as is, as shown. Measures 11 x 14 inches approximately. Numbered 53 out of 575 by RKO Radio Pictures.

8mm Movie Camera Kit

Very Vintage Film Cameras Du Jour


8mm projector

8mm Film Projector Vintage 1950s

1950s Bell and Howell 253 AX 8mm Projector made in Chicago , IL US. Cast-metal body and cover, this projector is built like a tank. We played several 8mm films through the projector with out any issues. The B and H 8mm projector is in good age specific condition with a small mark or scrape in a few spots. Check out our youtube demo video of this vintage film projector playing a film – titled “Daytona Vintage Demos a Bell and Howell 8mm Projector“. This projector also includes the original take up reel.

Polaroid Sun 600 Instant Camera at Daytona Vintage

Polaroid Sun 660

Polaroid Sun 660 Instant Camera

Retro Cool Polaroid Sun 660 Instant Film Camera, the Polaroid Sun 660 is a 1980s era instant film camera that uses Polaroid 600 Instant Film. This Sun 660 is in good used condition, powers up and the flash flashes. The Polaroid Sun 660 is sold as a used collectible, as is. Includes original Polaroid Camera case.