Vintage Video Gum

In 1899 a New York City druggist named Franklin Canning formulated a chewing gum which he promoted as an aid to better oral hygiene. “To prevent decay, To sweeten the breath, To keep teeth white,” read the package of gum. Canning called his new gum Dentyne which is a combination of the words “dental” and “hygiene.” In 1916 the brand was sold to the American Chicle Company. By the 1930s, Dentyne was produced by the Adams Gum Company. Adams was one of the companies that made up the American Chicle Company. and eventually ownership passed to Warner-Lambert Company which merged into Pfizer Inc. in 2000, and most recently to Cadbury-Schweppes. Enjoy this great vintage video of an old Dentyne Gum Promotion from the 1950’s:

Vintage 1960s Mickey Mouse Record Player

Original Mickey Mouse Retro 1960’s era child’s electric record player
made by the General Electric Corporation USA with a Walt Disney Productions stamp.

The Model Number is RP3122D, measures 13.3 x 5.12 x 9 inches, Spins and Plays, includes 4 records, has a few minor scuffs and is missing a latch. The power cord has been repaired with wire nuts and electricians tape.

We put a new diamond stylus (needle) on this highly collectible record player.

This set of fun arrives ready to excite and amaze with 4 Story Book Vinyl Records from Disney’s See, Hear and Read Book and Record Series and the rare Mickey Mouse Record Player. This Item has sold – Thank You. Purchase other  Cool Vintage Sound Items Here