Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021
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1950s Advertising uses Dancing Cigarettes and Matches

During the 1950s Old Gold Cigarettes TV commercials featured models wearing life sized costumes of Old Gold Cigarette Packs and Matches. These Dancing Packs tapped their way across the stage wearing cowboy boots during commercial spots. The unseen models beneath the props included Gloria Vestoff, Jeanne Jones and Dixie Dunbar.

Old Gold Dancing Cigarette Pack

The Dancing Packs tapped their way through such shows as Bert Parks’ Stop the Music ran from the late 40s to late 50s and was a quiz show, Ted Mack’s The Original Amateur Hour, a talent show, ran around the same time.

1950s Dancing Cigarette Pack and Matches Video

We had read somewhere that actress Mary Tyler Moore made her TV debut as a dancing cigarette pack on the Richard Diamond Show. Old Gold’s slogan was, “Not a cough in the carton” . It was one of the cigarette brands offered to military personnel in their rations during World War II.

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