Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
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Board Track Racing Bikes c.1911
Board Track Racing Bikes c.1911

Board Track Racing

Board Track (aka motor-drome) racing was a type of motor sport that was popular in the US between the early to mid 1900s, where the competition was on oval race courses with surfaces composed of wooden planks. Thus the name board tracker for the type of motorcycle designed for this style racing. The first board track opened in the Los Angeles Coliseum Motor-dome near Playa del Rey, California, on April 8, 1910. Board tracks slowly faded away in the 1920s and 1930s, though racing continued into 1940 at Coney Island Velodrome, Nutley, and Castle Hill Speedway. Vicente Design has created an awesome e-cycle design titled E Board Tracker that looks like a vintage “board tracker” type motorbike.  We like tying the past, present and future together and this e-cycle idea is another great example of the past, present and future intertwining to produce great thoughts today.

Video of 1920 Indian Board Track Racing at Daytona Beach

The “Green Design” E Board Tracker Designed by Jean-François Vicente of Vicente Design located in France.

From the website

Rather than thinking of Ebike or Emotorcycle just as a commuter, why don’t you think about it as a funny small Ecofriendly bike/motorcycle?

A  global design inspired by a 1920  Board Tracker.

This “Emotorcycle” is treated as a light weight moped rather than an Electric pedal assisted cycle. Why? Because E-mopeds are allowed to go 30 to 35 MPH depending on the country, that is enough and more over an E-moped is not fitted with pedals. To emphasis the fun side, control of the motor is by hand throttle (same way as a gas throttle on a motorcycle) not by pedalling. Suggested needs for this design could include; neutral steering, efficient brakes and for good looks a set of fat soft compound tires. Using a Hub motor with regenerative braking at rear and a hub battery at front would complete a “racer” look as they are very similar to a set of drum brakes. (source

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