HDTVs that have a Hint of Retro and a Dash of Vintage

These Classic, Vintage, Art Deco and Contemporary HDTVs have the DL on style

Years ago TVs were typically considered a piece of furniture due to the fact that a high percentage of the old CRT televisions came inside a large wood cabinet and some even had a radio and record player built in too. Until recently the slim LCD and LED televisions were hung on a wall or put on a stand totally “naked”.  The now trend is putting the TV back in the cabinet with a modern twist. Here is one example of what we have recently seen available, these HDTVs come all dressed up and several give a modern retro, maybe even vintage vibe.

Vintage The Grand View
Craftsman The Berkeley 1914

From the Halden-Caviglia About Page:

Halden-Caviglia specializes in building handcrafted, decorative showcases for flat screen televisions. Inspired both by modern industrial design and artisan production techniques from bygone eras, we transform the utilitarian look of modern flat screens into art objects in and of themselves. In essence, we create small-scale home theaters. We are grounded in the tradition of refined craftsmanship from the jukebox, classic theatre and antique radio eras, but we extend into the modern age through our use of interesting materials and design elements.

Although flat screens may express “modern”, “sleek” or “minimalist”, for many they are an eyesore or detract from the painstaking effort that goes into designing and decorating a room to a certain standard. Halden-Caviglia showcases enable our customers to incorporate the television as a complementary, enhancing or focal component of virtually any aesthetic.

Art Deco The Paris 1925

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