Vintage 1961 Rack-O Game Complete

1961 Vintage Rack-O Game Complete with Instructions

Vintage Rack-O Game 1961

Complete in the box

1961 Vintage Retro Rack-O game

Great for a collection or take it apart and use the pieces for mixed media art, altered art, collage, and many other craft projects.

Condition: Box-Good, Game pieces-Very good

Two to four players try to get their rack of 10 cards in consecutive order, from lowest to highest, first. The cards are numbered from 1 to 60, and each player takes a turn by drawing and discarding. Bonus Rack-O points are earned when a player gets a perfect run of three or more cards. The first to rack up 500 points wins.

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Ahoy Matey – 13 Days Adrift – Just Sailed In

Gobs and Landlubbers alike will enjoy this antique tale of being adrift at sea for 13 days.

13 Days Adrift by M.Stanley MacLean,1943 Illustrated Vintage Paperback Book

13 Days Adrift by M.Stanley Maclean 1943
13 Days Adrift by M.Stanley MacLean (1943)

13 Days Adrift – The Experiences OF M.Stanley MacLean (rescued after torpedoed ship ‘East Indian’ Sank off Capetown) 1943, First Edition,  Softcover has some light Age wear. All 40 text pages tot his saga are intact and in very good readable condition for their age, B&W Illustrations.

This Very Scarce self-published war relic is a rare and great find. $25

Great read to add to your private collection. This is a must read sea tale of the extraordinary nature.

Here is some additional information and a picture of the ship that was sunk:

The freighter SS East Indian from Camden NJ. under Captain St. Marie carried a crew of 33, an armed guard of 14, and 10 passengers. On November 3, 1942, she was torpedoed by the German submarine U-181, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Wolfgang Lüth, 275 miles south- west of Cape Town, South Africa. The book offered above is an account of the sinking and the 13 day ordeal of the survivors.

Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book 1956

1956 Betty Crocker Cookbook
1956 Betty Crocker Cookbook

Hardcover in Fair to Good Condition
Second Edition – First Printing

472 Pages Lots and Lots of Great Pictures, Photos and Images

Revised and Enlarged
Height 12 inches – Width 9 3/4 inches

Published in 1956 by McGraw Hill New York, NY

This hard to find antique Betty Crocker Cookbook will make a great addition to your cookbook collection or for scrappers that want to cannibalize the book for it’s great vintage images.

Either way this rare cookbook is well done and ready to go.

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