Antique Sheet Music

antique sheet music 1800s
antique sheet music (1800s)

We have original sheet music from 1878 titled “Remember the Old Folks at Home” – John T Rutledge.

This item is listed in the Library of Congress, shows some age but is very rare and highly collectible.

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This is a true slice of American History.

Matchbook Cover Collectors Rejoyce

Vintage Matchbook Collection 2

A total of 10 fantastic vintage matchbooks. Great graphics and perfect to use in collages, altered art projects and any mixed media. The matches have been removed and/or used. The covers show wear but are all intact. Products advertised include motels, restaurants, and Hunt’s Tomato Sauce.  Great for collecting too !

Matchbook manufacturing peaked around the 1940s and 50s, then declined because of the availability of disposable lighters and various health campaigns. Matchbooks have begun to regain some of their popularity as a “retro” item, particularly in high-end restaurants.

Paper matches were patented in the 1880s, however, an early paper match “folder” was patented in September 1892 by Philadelphia patent attorney American Joshua Pusey and the matchbook as we noow know it was patented a few weeks later by Charles Bowman of Lebanon, PA. Pusey challenged Bowman’s patent, but Bowman’s patent was upheld. Pusey sold his patent to the Diamond Match Trust in 1896 and then served as the company’s patent attorney. Bowman’s company, the American Safety Head Match Company of Lebanon, PA was shotrt lived, and Diamond Match adapted his design into their product, becoming the first mass-producer of paper matchbooks. Collecting of matchboxes, matchbooks, match labels and other match-related items is called phillumeny. Purchase this piece of matchbook history for only $6.00 on our Etsy Shop

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Vintage Swiss Chalet Music Box

Vintage Swiss Chalet Music Jewelry Box in very good condition. The music box mechanism works, but the music plays slowly to “Somewhere My Love”. The house itself is an adorable cottage, log cabin or chalet constructed out of wood. It features include very detailed flowers under the window and at each corner, shingles, shutters, and windows complete with window dressings. The lid lifts up to show a red velvet lining on top and a clear cover over the mechanism. There is a little sticker goo on the plastic cover that has been removed since taking the picture. Stamped “Japan” on the bottom. All parts are original and no alterations have been done.

Perfect gift for that special someone. Imagine the little treasure that you could place inside before hand. Purchase Here

“Somewhere my Love” AKA Lara’s Theme

“Lara’s Theme” is the name given to a leitmotif written for the film Doctor Zhivago in 1965 by composer Maurice Jarre. Soon afterward, it became the basis of the song “Somewhere My Love.”  While working on the soundtrack for Doctor Zhivago, Maurice Jarre was asked by director David Lean to come up with a theme for the character of Lara, played by Julie Christie. Initially Lean had desired to use a well-known Russian song but could not locate the rights to it, and delegated responsibility to Jarre. After several unsuccessful attempts at writing it, Lean suggested to Jarre that he go to the mountains with his girlfriend and write a piece of music for her. Jarre says that the resultant piece was “Lara’s Theme”, and Lean liked it well enough to use it in numerous tracks for the film.

This classic music box was discovered while going through an old antique shop. It was hidden beneath some old clothes and we were very happy to recover it.