1952 Vintage Duaflex ll by Eastman Kodak Co

This 1952 vintage Kodak Duaflex camera is about as retro as you can get. Comes inside a great leather case that has very little wear. The camera is in excellent vintage condition.

Dualflex II

Duaflex II

I should point out right away that there were quite a few variations of the Duaflex and Duaflex II, both here and in the UK, and not all models had a focusing taking lens.

This is as close to a top-of-the-line model as you’ll see for this camera, with not only 3 aperture choices and a focusing taking lens, but a double-exposure prevention button.

* Produced 1950-54 (Dec. 1952) Eastman Kodak Co.
* Film type 620 rollfilm
* Picture size 6×6
* Weight 1lb, 1.4oz (493.3g)

* Lens Kodar 72mm 1:8
* Focal range 3.5′ to infinity
* Shutter simple spring w/sliding aperture disc
* Shutter speeds Instant, about 1/30 plus ‘B’
* Viewfinder mirror reflector
* Exposure meter none
* Double-exposure lock

Sold – Thank You

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Duaflex Wiki

The Kodak Duaflex is a 620 roll film pseudo TLR made by Kodak in the US and UK. The original versions were available from December 1947 – September 1950 in the US, and 1949-1955 in the UK; the Duaflex IV was finally discontinued in the US in March 1960. The various Duaflexes had aluminum alloy bodies and were available with either a simple fixed focus 75mm f/15 Kodet lens, or with a 72mm f/8 Kodar triplet lens in a front-element focusing (to 3.5 ft.) mount. The Kodar lens had Waterhouse stops of f/8, 11, and 16. The shutter had speeds of “I” and “B”, and was synched for use with a Kodalite Flash-holder.

A humor and general interest magazine published from 1883 to 1936. Time founder Henry Luce bought the magazine in 1936 solely so that he could acquire the rights to its name.

The original Life magazine provided a glimpse of Society, Literature, Politics and Drama, combined with humor and exceptional illustrations. The two page centerfolds are prized for their decorative value, each issue includes advertisements.

The famous illustrator, Charles Dana Gibson was associated with this magazine from very early in his career until the demise of the magazine in the early 1930s. Life was the very first customer for Gibson’s drawings. The more recent Life Magazine published by Time Inc. did not begin publication until 1936.

Original, Antique Print Booklet from 1883 (127 years old)
Printed and distributed January 4 1883. Volume 1 Number 1.
A fantastic find with superbly detailed graphics.
Produced by J.A . Mitchell and Edward S. Martin
Really unique 12 page booklet with old ads, little stories,cartoons, and more.
Measures: 4 1/2 ” by 3 1/2″
In excellent condition, no tears, one bend mark on front cover.
Some browning of pages and very slight rust marks left by the staples at the spine.

Sold – Thank You

Retro Festival 2010 Announced in Bang Saen (Thailand)

Retro Festival

Retro Festival

Various local councils, administrations and private businesses have recently come together to organise the 2010 Retro Festival which will be held in Bang Saen for the second year running.

Bang Saen, the 23rd of February 2010 : After the success of last year’s event, local administrations in co-operation with the Chon-Buri Provincial Administration and various private businesses have come together once again to stage the 2010 edition of the Retro Festival. The theme of the event is period dress and entertainment from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Situated along the popular Bang Saen Beach the festival will be arranged in a truly retro-vintage atmosphere with ballroom, line and traditional Thai ‘circle’ dancing on display. Various market stalls and exhibitions have also been invited to display their retro-wares at the event.

Thailand Retro
Thailand Retro

Various rock bands and solo artists have been invited to play at the event, including; Nuvo, Joey Boy, T-Bone, Settha Sirachaya and many more. The festival will be a two day event over the weekend of the 26th-27th of February.

Yes, I said music on vinyl, a record, an LP, Single, 33 1/3, 45 RPM, maybe even a 78 RPM , a round disk with grooves on it.

Vintage Vinyl
Vintage Vinyl

Music and vinyl had shared a long relationship in the past, however, with when the digital domain came about the CD took it place and now if you have a computer or cellphone you have instanst access to music. As a long term audiophile I still om occasion like to get out an old vinyl record and place it on my vintage turntable for a trip down memory lane. I was elated to discover a company in England that has embraced the production of vinyl records. The Vinyl Factory took over an old EMI production facility and is currently producing vinyl.

Here is an excerpt from their “About Us” page:
The Vinyl Factory Ltd was established in 2001 as a music and arts enterprise. The company now provides a range of services to the music and creative industries: These include studio facilities (TV and audio), design, manufacturing, distribution (physical and digital), retail (physical shop and on-line), marketing, publishing, workspace and professional services.

The company curates and promotes exhibitions, provides and manages event spaces, publishes FACT magazine both bimonthly and on-line (www.factmagazine.co.uk), owns Phonica Records, London’s leading record shop in Soho London (www.phonicarecords.co.uk) and Portalspace Records (www.portalspacerecords.com) & Vinyl Factory Australia (www.vinylfactoryaustralia.com.au) which provides vinyl record manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment). In addition the company acts as a record label (both independently as Vinyl Factory and in joint ventures) and provides funding through various vehicles for independent bands and labels.

Recent joint ventures include Damon Albarn (of Gorillaz and Blur), Primal Scream and the Pet Shop Boys. The resulting art/music products are sold through galleries, events and directly through the Vinyl Factory Editions Shop

(source www.thevinylfactory.com)