Rondo Cinematic 8 Movie Camera

Rondo Cinematic 8 Movie Camera

The Rondo Cinematic 8 was manufactured in Japan around 1962 and is a 3-turret camera 2x8mm. The body is metal and contains 2 empty reels inside. The camera winds and motor clicks when activated, the turret turns, no further testing performed. This used 8mm movie camera is in good condition, sold as a collectible and sold as is.  The body measures 3 1/2 (5 to the lens) x 5 inches.

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Rondo cameras were made by Yamashita – The company Yamashita Shōten was founded in 1921, Yamashita acted as authorized dealer for a variety of cameras. It was the sole distributor of photographic products made by Shinko, among which the Shinkoflex was the first Japanese 6×6 SLR.  The company also owned the brand name “Rondo”, under which it sold a variety of photographic products including movie cameras. It also sold a variant of the Tsubasa Super Semi Camera under the name Rondex. The  Rondo logo appeared in several advertisements dated from 1939 to 1942.

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