Antique Medical Dictionary

Stedman’s Medical Dictionary Published 1925

Antique Medical DictionaryA very hard to find Stedman’s Medical Dictionary published 1925. This medical collectible is old and shows it. There are some handwritten notes on lined paper and a misc document included. The dictionary is beat and worn, pages beat, tape on outer spine, the book looks complete but unverified a couple of pages are coming loose, it definitely has a lot of character from heavy use. This medical collectible is used, sold as a collectible, as is, as shown. Measures 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches approximately.




Antique Medical

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Zeiss Ikon Volta with Rol-Bak Film Back Rare

Zeiss Ikon Volta with Rol-Bak Film Back Rare Zeiss Ikon Volta 135/7 with a Rol-Bak Film Back

The Volta is a folding bed (folding plate) camera for 9 x 12 cm film plates or sheet film. The focus is by the single extension bellows by sliding the front on the rail.The shutter is a Derval Shutter with speeds 1/15, 1/50, and 1/100 sec. plus T and B mode, the lens is a Novar Anastigmat 1:6.3 f = 13.5 cm lens.  It was originally introduced in 1920 and production continued by Zeiss Ikon until 1929. This very rare, very vintage, very collectible camera has an even rarer Rol-Bak (film back) that reads: “Rol-Bak Wilmar Electronics Inc. NY, NY USA” with a little sticker that states: “Burke and James  Solar Enlargers – Cameras – Photo Supplies Since 1897 Chicago USA” . Purchase Here