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Revere 8mm Eye Matic Retro-Vintage-Bazaar


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Below Find Some Companies we like:

Door Repairs North Georgia

AAA-Door-SpecialtiesAAA Door Specialties


Servicing the Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta and Woodstock Areas


Call Warren at 678-793-3350

Specializing in Commercial Door Repairs: Closers, Pivots, Locks, Exit Bars, Alarms, Mag Locks, Replacements




tower-companion-film-cameraTower Companion Film Camera

Vintage 1960’s

Collectible Tower Companion Film Camera Vintage 1960
Original Manufacturer was  Imperial, similar to the Debonair.

During the 60’s Sears had a house-brand for cameras,
the Tower cameras
which were all OEM products,
made by different renowned
camera makers of several countries.

Vintage Film Cameras, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm


Vintage Eastman Kodak Color Slide Images of Jerusalem

Nurses 1944 Black and White Photo

Nurses 1944 Black and White Photo


Image From Early 1900s Seeds Dry Plate Glass Negative

Seeds Dry Plate Glass Negative

Image From Seeds Dry Plate Glass Negative

We recently acquired some old glass plate negatives, this one of a Man on a Horse, possibly a Canadian Mountie, Horse Soldier or Ranger, Old Boy Scout?


Vintage Universal Heater Logo

Vintage Universal

Vintage Camera Promo Video


Retro Vintage Bazaar Promo Video:

Flapper Old News

The term “flapper” first surfaced in Great Britain after World War I to describe young girls, still somewhat awkward who had not entered womanhood yet. The flappers image was of a “new breed” of young woman who wore provocative clothing, shortened her hair, enjoyed jazz music, and flaunted disdain for what was considered acceptable behavior at that time. Flappers were perceived as brazen for wearing too much makeup, drinking alcohol, smoking, driving cars and otherwise flouting most social norms. Flappers had their origins in a period of liberalism, social-political turbulence, and increased international cultural exchange that followed the end of the World War. Coco Chanel promoted the styles we associate with flappers. She designed clothes made for comfort and ease in wear making them revolutionary and quite modern. As a fashion statement to tell everyone they had short hair, the flappers wore cloche hats throughout the twenties. There seems to be a current trend in the fashion industry of fusing some “Flapper” elements into modern style.

Enjoy this Flapper video:


Retro Vintage Bazaar Opens Their Virtual Doors Press Release

The Retro Vintage Bazaar announced today it is officially open for business through its new site at and will also offer a vast selection of ever changing items on the world-renowned artist community ETSY.

Some may ask why retro or vintage?

Unique, some items were custom made and others were made in small quantities. Good quality, designed to be used for years, most are well made with fine durable materials. The unusual older items are no longer manufactured or are now very expensive. Vintage items are a great value for money and generally selling for a cost far below a similar new product. Historical appreciation for previous generations and the skills of respected artisans as older products show attention to detail, some with hand finishing, unusual shapes, handmade quality. Stylish, vintage has been favored by creative personalities because it offers a wide range of imaginative styles and an opportunity to have something truly uncommon. A good investment, some buy to collect these high quality vintage items and are often sought after by many collectors worldwide.


About Retro-Vintage-Bazaar:

Retro-Vintage-Bazaar proprietor Andi Vogel strives to locate and provide the most in retro and vintage books, decor, art deco, linens, board games, glassware, house-wares, records, sheet music, paper ephemera, and whatnot. At her unique boutique you will enjoy vintage printed items, old black and white photographs, retro-chic household items, dynamite decor and cool hippy stuff to decorate you and your pad. Sophisticated, Elegant, Provocative – this is up-cycling at its finest.


See for yourself visit

Retro Vintage Bazaar Opens Their Virtual Doors Press Release Free PDF Download

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